MitrahSoft is an Adobe offcial partner MitrahSoft is Lucee offcial partner & core contributing developer


FLIR Systems, Inc.

Saravana and his team have done a tremendous job fulfilling our web development needs. Their work is always on time and very thorough. I have worked with this company for over a year, and regardless of size or complexity of the project, they have delivered on time and on schedule. In addition, the design and quality of the product this company produces is excellent. We completed over a dozen web development projects with the company. I would recommend them to anyone for web development work. I know I plan to call them for my next project, You should too!

Brad Fetter,
Online Marketing Director at FLIR Systems, Inc.
Wilsonville, OR, USA

Pixl8 Interactive

On behalf of the PresideCMS community Pixl8 would like to thank MitrahSoft for their ongoing valuable contributions to the PresideCMS project. The quality of the contributions have really been excellent and its great to work with partners who value good quality code and are happy to adhere to the guidelines we've set out for the project. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Alex Skinner,
Managing Director at Pixl8 Interactive
London, United Kingdom

Yardstick Testing & Training

Yardstick has been utilizing the services of MitrahSoft for almost two years. The MitrahSoft team has been a pleasure to work with, and has allowed us to significantly increase our development volume and create a strong roadmap with a steady release of product and features. The team work ethic and general attitude has exceeded all expectations and MitrahSoft continues to be a reliable and important part of our team when important projects need to get done.

The team at MitrahSoft is well versed in many technologies and advanced ColdFusion development. There hasn't been a project or challenge that MitrahSoft hasn't been able to take on and develop, including when unknown or new technology needed to be explored. Under the leadership of Saravana, MitrahSoft's CTO, the MitrahSoft team is engaged, excited team that loves new technology and doesn't hesitate to step into uncharted territory to benefit the customer and project at hand. I recommend MitrahSoft as a great source of development horsepower for any ColdFusion project, and have been quite satisfied with their team!

Don Riep,
Founder & CTO at Yardstick Testing & Training
10177 104 St ,Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Blog Sparks Network, Inc

The partnership with MitrahSoft has been instrumental in moving our project forward. As a technical founder of a fast-moving start-up fully focused on rapid development, I have been very happy to work closely with the programmers at MitrahSoft who have helped us develop a robust API for our application. Their dedication to our project is second to none. The folks at MitrahSoft are great team players, always willing to provide key input on any issue. I also must mention their super positive attitude which is a great bonus! The programmers are more than happy to collaborate with external teams also, which is a rare find. MitrahSoft made a huge difference in bringing our project to life and we will continue working with them going forward. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a solid ColdFusion developer team.

Roberto Campus,
Founder & CEO at Foodie Blogroll, Yummie Nation, Blog Sparks Network, Inc.
Burlington, Vermont, United States

Terra dotta LLC

MitrahSoft provided awesome service in helping us convert an existing application to a bootstrap framework. Their availability (on EST hours) and participation in daily stand-ups helped ensure a high rate of progress. Their communication and flexibility in adapting to our process for code review and QA were also key to the success. I would highly recommend him and plan to engage his service should the need arise in future projects.

Tim wojoski,
Technical Services Manager at Terra Dotta LLC
CHAPEL HILL, NC 27515, United States

Zirku, UAE

MitrahSoft team have very good ColdFusion knowledge for fulfilling our web development needs. They worked with us closely on deadline based project & delivered that in timely manner. We have worked with MitrahSoft for almost a year. Their team of talented developers helped us to build a bilingual (Arabic and English) websites & applications. Our previous IT provider architecture the bilingual application with 2 different CFM files for each language with partial RTL support. But Mitrahsoft have accomplished this with single code file with full RTL support. Because of this, our project delivery time, development cost and maintenance cost reduced almost 40 percentage. They developed modules to integrate our application with Bar code, QR code scanner and printer. We did RFID read write modules integration as well with the help of MitrahSoft team. They are smart working developing company in ColdFusion arena. I would recommend them to anyone for web development work. Hope I wish to do some more projects with the team in future.

Ali alzaabi,
Director at Zirku International Technology Systems
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Asset media

We have been working with MitrahSoft for about 6 months now and so far our experience has been very good. From the start Saravana has done all to ensure we are getting the best service we can. MitrahSoft developers are highly competent and knowledgeable in all areas required to build and maintain the complex applications we develop. The service is very friendly, reliable and prompt. We have used a number of offshore development providers, but MitrahSoft has been by far the smoothest and most productive we have worked with. Easy to recommend to anyone looking for quality CFML Developers.

Jason Morris,
Founder & CEO at Asset media
Mt Waverley, Victoria, Australia

Whispir, inc

We are happy to state that the development of "full scoped SDK in CFML language for supporting Whispir's cross channel communications API development in Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee And Railo CFML engines" work was delivered on time and in scope. We are also very satisfied with the quality of code deliverables. MitrahSoft has shown good level of professionalism in project management, timely updates and transparency on work progress. They followed the specification properly and in strict obedience.

With good development practices, proper test coverage, and easy to use examples, the SDK delivered by them makes it very easy to use. We thank them for the work and definitely looking forward to engage them again in the near future.

Sanjeev mandalapu,
Product Specialist & Technical Evangelist at Whispir, inc
1 Raffles Place, Tower 1 #54-00, Singapore

Apex Coding Inc.

This is the first time since I opened my Web Design company 18 years ago that I've outsourced my work. I should have done it years ago. Saravana did an excellent job on this project. I'm sure I'll use him again in the future. Thanks!

Terry Blake,
Owner at Apex Coding Inc.
Flower Mound, TX, USA

Simply Design Group

The team at Mitrahsoft is skilled in a wide variety of web development areas. They are friendly and respond quickly to requests and inquiries. We have contracted Mitrahsoft for assistance in a number of Mura and ColdFusion projects.

David Nordyke,
Founder, Simply Design Group.
Dallas, Texas, USA

Summit Design Studio

If you are looking for a talented team of ColdFusion programmers, then you should seriously consider MitrahSoft team. We worked with MitrahSoft for over a year in developing nearly a dozen ColdFusion applications for streamlining our company's workflow. They were able to meet my deadlines and were able to create some very complex applications, many of which involved drag and drop style user interfaces.

Mike Matukaitis,
Chief Executive Officer / Co-Owner at Summit Design Studio
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


In the early development stages of our learn to read remediation modules, we worked together with MitrahSoft. The need for more complex and robust programming was met by them. Coding quality was very good. New work on their end and our growing needs triggered our departure. If you are looking for quality advanced ColdFusion coding, MitrahSoft possess the skills.

Hans Dekkers,
CEO (Research-based Learn-to-Read remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers).
Cranbrook, BC, Canada

NetHomeFX, LLC

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you, how pleased I am, with the service MitrahSoft team provided to me and my company.

Over the last year I have had several projects that required more man hours and expertise than I or anyone within NetHomeFX could provide. During those times I have been able to present MitrahSoft with a minimal amount of specifications and MitrahSoft team have been able to provide me with professional code results that work very well. Their final product quite often surpasses my expectations and usually comes in ahead of schedule. This combined with their fair and reasonable prices insures, they will be my first choice whenever I need to outsource, design a difficult module or simply need more man hours than I have with my resources.

Recently they designed and delivered a complex security module that far exceeded what I could have designed myself or would have expected given the time frame and budget we were given by our customer. This module has provided the security we needed for this project and in addition has given us the ability to custom design how users access the system and control what they are able to access. This combined with the dynamic menu system that is custom for each user level has well exceed my own design specifications. This was very well done and well thought out, I appreciate the expertise and professionalism MitrahSoft team bring to my projects. MitrahSoft, team of ColdFusion experts, is now my default choice when I need extra helps with a project, or have a complex module that exceeds my level of expertise.

Thanks a lot to SaravanaMuthu and his team for the excellent work and know that I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

John W. Gerald,
Owner and Founder of NetHomeFX, LLC
Houston, Texas, USA

Adam Robert

I have worked with The MitrahSoft team for several years, and appreciate their responsiveness and quick turnaround on tasks. Their developers have worked within my custom CMS system to developer backend tools for a number of sites. Saravana is communicative about the status of projects, and makes updates quickly to finish the task at hand. This has enabled me to increase profitability and focus on my clients.

Adam Robert,
Denver, Colorado

Rate a reel

Saravana Muthu, Was a pleasure to work with. His best quality that helps him rise above the rest is his communication. He is always on top of his tasks. He asks you if he has questions, let's you know when a task is about to be completed so that you may line up the next tasks to be as efficient as possible. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Jacob Patrick & Derek Raymond
Founders of Rate A Reel
Menifee, CA, USA

Stuart miles

I had a web application which had been build by another developer which was left unfinished with errors and the previous guy just didn't have the knowledge or capability to do the things I asked. Saravanamuthu was excellent, got the site back online quickly, fixed the errors I reported to him quickly and once the errors were fixed they stayed fixed; I didn't have any further problems so I was able to focus on new features which were built with no stress as all my instructions were understood and acted upon quickly. Top ColdFusion guy! Highly recommend his services. He also has the patience of a saint as due to business complications my end I disappeared for a while during a stressful time and Saravana was happy to continue the relationship professionally and had understanding and tolerance for my problems.

Stuart miles,
London, UK

Adrian Clarke

I have worked with MitrahSoft for about two years now and they're always very helpful and highly skilled in Web design. They are warm and friendly and able to work remotely and I have no concern about doing business with them despite working separately in different continents. They work well under pressure and the level of quality of work is always good.

Adrian Clarke,
Director at Excelmarketing.
Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


The team at MitrahSoft is professional, engaged, reliable, thoughtful, and communicates very well. They have worked with us on several projects and provided solutions to our challenges with their wide range of web and mobile application expertise. Quality of work is top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Ben Arledge,
CEO at Cloudowl