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Product development

We are one of the best software product development companies in the industry. At MitrahSoft you will find quality product development software solutions and software development lifecycle, etc that help your organization emerge as a leader in your enterprise vertical. With a solid product development portfolio and a reputation of being a leading product development company, our focus is always on our customers and understanding their business objectives.

Transforming a product concept to reality can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for some small businesses that lack the technical expertise, and reliable resources to move a product idea forward. A significant amount of planning and organization is expected to mitigate risks and make sure the success of a product upon its delivery to the market.

Work Process

To Turn Your Idea into a Reality, we work and follow below steps at MitrahSoft

Concept development

The concept development phase involves transforming an idea for a new product into a detailed blueprint that can be refined and tested. Once a client approaches us with an concept, our team works with clients to explore variations of a concept and its potential features through a series of sketches. During this stage, it is important to consider the types of problems the product will attempt to solve and how end users will benefit from having it.

  • Step 01.

Software Product Engineering

In engineering phase of product development, a strategy we made for converting a concept into a functional product based on the customer's cost and quality expectations. MitrahSoft works with the customer to identify any relevant design or functionality challenges, allowing us to create solutions that are carefully tailored around the project's specific circumstances. The aim is to make sure the end product will meet all customer requirements.

  • Step 02.

Product Prototyping

We have the experience, tools and technology for producing impressive prototypes that exhibit the full functionality of design ideas at a very reasonable cost. You can take this prototype with you when submitting your appeals for funding. This will also serve as the basis of your patent. Once a design idea is perfectly polished, it can take just weeks or even days to have a workable unit. This is something that innovators can't often able to accomplish on their own.

  • Step 03.

Product Architecture & Technology Planning

MitrahSoft leads products toward market success. As innovation-focused technology partners, we suggest latest technologies and help build feature-rich products with the capability to deliver augmented user experiences. In fact, we provide end-to-end assistance to software vendors in the design and development of high caliber software. Moreover, we make sure they are underpinned by Agile development methodology, as well as a scalable, extensible architecture.

  • Step 04.

Product Development & Integration

We conceptualize and design software product development & Integration process that plug gaps in functionality, while accomplishing business objectives. MitrahSoft service comprises a broad spectrum of capabilities and skills that improve the productivity of software products. Our solutions enable CIOs, CTOs and IT managers to respond promptly to end-user requirements and business changes, while minimizing costs and enhancing value from prevailing products.

  • Step 05.

Product Testing

MitrahSoft's comprehensive testing service suite assures dependability and accuracy. We assess product quality by leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of our committed practice, thereby facilitating the testing of complex, innovative products. Plus, we build measurable, outcome-focused solutions by employing industry best practices and proven methodologies. We used the best testing tools and advanced technology to deliver highly effective software product. You can check out our testing services here

  • Step 06.


Business-Oriented Approach

When we work with product development, our team not only focuses on the specifications but also tries to understand the end-customers needs and their expectations.

Scalable Development

Our product development strategy helps us build a product or service that compensates for the growing demand and manifests desired results.

Experienced Team

We have experienced team having all the necessary skills and the best specialists that needed to create a relevant startup product from scratch. From product managers and designers, developers, and testers, our team has solid experience to deliver a full product.

Quality First

Being a recognized product development firm our priority is always top-quality end product delivered within the agreed-upon timeline.

Fastest time-to-market

We have a dedicated group of software developers who work hard to deliver a product on time.

Flexible Methodologies

We suggest and choose the most relevant methodologies like Agile, Scrum for each project. Adaptive planning, solid development, and a flexible work process help us control the timeline and budget.


Discussing project objectives and Pricing, we are always honest and transparent with our customers.

Best Development Technologies

Our team pick tried-and-tested technologies, proven frameworks, and libraries that guarantee flawless performance, app security, and customer protection.


Being the best product development company in India, we offer the best price-cost ratio around, along with maintaining high product quality.

Maintenance & Support

Our services go beyond the MVP and product development as on further customer request we offer 24*7 support and maintenance services for the software solution.

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