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CF Legacy App Maintenance

Constant technology evolution often makes legacy web applications obsolete after a certain period. Maintaining legacy ColdFusion applications written with old procedural-style code is very difficult. To gain an edge over the contest, today companies need to move on to advanced technologies in ColdFusion that result in higher productivity and greater efficiency. This need to constantly modernize or migrate the ColdFusion applications to meet the changing business needs, lower costs and mitigate risks calls for legacy application migration services.

Modernize and re-structure your ColdFusion legacy applications:

Application modernization gets your application to run on more screens and platforms. We can help you to target additional screens on new platforms by creating a cross-platform application that re-uses parts of the code: desktop to desktop; Windows, Mac, Linux desktop to mobile; Windows, Mac => iOS, and Android embedded to mobile.

Using MVC and Advanced ColdFusion Frameworks:

Our Team has strong experience in MVC and Modern ColdFusion Frameworks like ColdBox, Framework One(FW/1), Fusebox, Model-Glue, etc which clears separation between your application flow, and data and your view. It is very easier to develop, maintain, and test, and if another developer comes along, as long as they know the same framework, their code should not be that drastically different from your own.

Rest API Development:

MitrahSoft Team have good experience in Rest API development. You can find our experience and other details in Rest API development here.

UI Development with Modern technologies:

We can help you to create new, distinctive UI with a native look & feel across multiple platforms. Our expert UI/UX design team will work with you to optimize usability and give your application a finely designed, modern user interface. Also our Team has extensive experience in modern JavaScript libraries React, VueJS and Angular and help you to build great UI.

REST API implementation using FW1 ColdFusion

Migrate existing ColdFusion legacy applications to latest ColdFusion version:

MitrahSoft team worked on lot of ColdFusion releases from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 2018. Due to this experience, our team knew what are CF functions & CFML tags are deprecated and removed on a particular CF version release. Using this extensive ColdFusion version based knowledge, we can migrate your lower version ColdFusion applications to higher version in a minimum time frame.

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