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Software Testing

MitrahSoft has well-trained and highly experienced testers who can help you streamline your QA process and help your engineering team provide robust test and QA support. We used the best testing tools and advanced technology to deliver highly effective web application testing services.

Software testing services are perfectly engineered for your continuous delivery and DevOps success. We not only build quality but also create value by preventing defects before they occur.

We are familiar with following modern testing framework, test runner and testing utilities,

Some of the Testing tools we used,

  • Testing framework, utilities and Test runner:
    • Mocha
    • Jest
    • Enzyme
    • Chai
    • Should
  • For Automation Testing:
    • TestCafe
    • TestBox
    • Selenium

Our Testing Services

Usability testing

MitrahSoft team verifies how convenient your web application or website is for end users, identifies usability issues, and provides improvements to help you deliver a product that fulfills your target audience's usability expectations.

Functional testing

Our team looks at whether your web application works as per business requirements and reports on identified issues.

Performance testing

We test if your web application works under any planned load, stress, scalability, or reliability issues in your solution.

Compatibility testing

We verify if your web app or website cleanly works in various environments: for example, on different operating systems and on different devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and so on), in different browsers, and so on.

Compliance testing

We make sure that your web solution works according to the standards of the industry you operate in.

Web security testing

With 10 years of experience in information security, we do penetration testing and source code reviews. Simulating a hacking attack and verifying your web solution behavior in such conditions helps us identify security vulnerabilities as early as possible.

Web testing automation

Our web testing experts ensure high quality and improved performance of your web solution with our best practices in testing automation. We automate functional, performance and regression testing with data-driven and keyword-driven approaches.

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Mitrahsoft Testing services

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