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ColdFusion Builder Is Codenamed Twister

Getting another Happy News from Adobe. Adobe ( Terry Ryan ) announced about the next release of ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 :)

Intro to ColdFusion Builder

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is the name for Adobe's Eclipse-based development IDE that can be used to build applications for ColdFusion. The product's original codename, "Bolt", is a reference to the original lightning icon for ColdFusion from the Allaire days. In 2010, Adobe released the product and officially renamed it Adobe ColdFusion Builder, often referred to as CFBuilder.

What's new in Twister

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 (code-named Twister) is a free update to Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0. The main purpose of this updater is to integrate ColdFusion Builder with ColdFusion 10 (code-named Zeus) to support the new language features and new server configurations. ColdFusion 10 is now bundled with Tomcat server, unlike earlier versions that had the built-in JRun server. ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 now supports configuring ColdFusion 10 in its server manager.

The enhancements in this release of ColdFusion Builder are not limited to ColdFusion 10 feature support. We have also fixed many existing bugs, enhanced editor performance, and also implemented many enhancements that users requested for existing features. More details can be found in the ColdFusion Official site what's-new-in-cfbuilder-201.

Adobe ColdFusion Builder logo

Key features

  • Performance improvements
  • Configuring ColdFusion 10
  • CFML language support for ColdFusion 10
  • Enhancements to FTP features
  • CFC path mappings for Projects
  • Enhancements to ColdFusion Builder Extensions framework
  • New Adobe CFC Generator Extension
  • Eclipse upgrade


If you have any particular bug that you would like us to fix, make sure you report and get more people vote for the same. You can access public bug tracker for CF Builder

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