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PresideCMS - New ColdFusion Open Source CMS In Town

MitrahSoft have expertise in MuraCMS & we are exploring other ColdFusion Open source content management systems available in the market. ContentBox & PresideCMS are notable CMS alternate in ColdFusion CMS world. As MitrahSoft team have prior ColdBox experience, we love both PresideCMS & ContentBox. As a personal preference, we choose Preside & going to spend more time to learn this in detail. In upcoming months, you can see, MitrahSoft contribution to PresideCMS.

PresideCMS is an open source CMS for the Lucee Server built on the ColdBox MVC Framework. It is developed and maintained by Pixl8 Interactive. PresideCMS is powerful content management system that's affordable, scalable and easy to use.With complete design flexibility, control over page and navigation creation and granular user permissions, Preside offers the front-end functionality your team requires to manage website content effectively.