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Minify JS And CSS Files Using ColdFusion And YUI Library

All web applications has CSS and JS files. But, now a days most of the developers wants to include only minified JS and CSS files. Because, normal JS and CSS files having unnecessary characters in source codes. These unnecessary characters usually include white space characters, new line characters, comments, and sometimes block delimiters. These are very important only for code readability, but not needed for execution process. These unnecessary characters increase file size and it will be affect performance too. For this reason, the minification (also minimisation or minimization) is very important. We have lot of JS and CSS minification online convertor and have lot of JAVA libraries available in internet. But, best one is, YUI Library ( Yahoo userInterface Library ). Because, it is very lightweight core library and also it is a free open source Library.

Solution For ReactNative Barcode Scanning Mobile App Orientation Problems

Now a days smartphone cameras are not only used for snapping photos or recording videos, but also for many purposes like Scanning Documents and Barcodes, Translating Text from one language to another, Augmented Reality Entertainment, etc... The list does not end here and it gets bigger day by day. So use of camera has become very vital these days.

We may also need to implement camera in our native mobile applications. By default, our smartphone manufacturers lock the orientation of the default camera, but the icons used alone will change according to orientation. But the package in react-native does not lock the orientation by default, which may cause the app unstable often. So we need to lock the orientation and we can change the icons alone according to orientation.

In order to use camera in our app we need to install any camera package. One of the most famous and widely used & stable package is react-native-camera.