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Refer ColdFusion Projects Earn Referral Bonus

MitrahSoft, a boutique ColdFusion Software Services firm is spreading it's wings to reach higher horizons. We invite call from proposals and referrals for projects of any size.

MitrahSoft is one and Only ColdFusion centric development Indian company with very active and vibrant contribution towards Indian ColdFusion Development community and Open source ColdFusion. We believe, Giving Back makes us earn more. We earned every single penny from ColdFusion development services, So we are planning to get help from CF developers & CF community to get new project leads and pay them for their referrals instead of spending somewhere else ( marketing / ads / bidding sites ).

We are at present open for proposals for any ColdFusion related work from CTO Consulting, Development to maintenance. Most important part, we are open to pay you a recurring referral bonus of 10% of total bill amount for the life time of a contract by giving us a reference as well.

A simple calculation, If customer pays $10,000 over the lifetime of project billing, you will get $1,000. We pay for every billing invoice raised, and pay it as soon as we receive the payment from the client. You could expect very good payments for simply referring us to CF business owner who need MitrahSoft help for their applications.

What needs to be done?

Just, send your project reference with as much information as you wish to For more details feel free to get in touch by writing to us.